{May 13, 2011}   Ask Questions

How self Assured are you?

1. Develop interest in others 

2. Accept yourself

3. The Right clothes help

4. Pursue your education

5. Travel as much as you can

6. Keep Relaxed

Know yourself:

1. What is my reason for being alive? AM i just taking up space on earth or do I have a purpose in life.

2. What to I hope to achieve in life? Is my aim just to make money? Is my aim to find satisfaction in my job? It is essential getting to know ourselves to face up to our basic aim.

3. Have I made progress so far towards my goal? Have I kept my aim clearly in front of me.

4. What resources have i to achieve my aim? 

5. What is my attitude towards other people?

6. Am I happy? If am happy or afraid what is the reason?


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